B E S T of  W E S T

Western Australia is a world class place to live or visit.
Listed in the top 20 on the planet with a natural wonder of sunsets over the coast every day that are just sensational.


The West coast of Australia & the city of Perth has some of the most pristine coastline in the world with a sunrise over the Darling Ranges to the east & sunsets over the coast. The “Sunset Coast” was initiated in the early 90’s to promote & showcase the sensational asset of sunsets over the Indian Ocean specifically in the central coast of the metropolitan area as a local tourism initiative.  This was initially from Cottesloe to Sorrento, but due to the popular demand of the local shires & businesses along the West Coast Highway that runs immediately along the coastline ( not really a highway) was renamed Sunset Coast Boulevard.

With white powdery beaches that are the most outstanding natural beaches on the planet. There is no doubt that WA has a huge coastal lifestyle. So the whole state really has a Sunset Coast Life. There has been an expansion of the Sunset Coast  now stretching from Fremantle to Two Rocks. Basically metro beach front suburbs that stretch from the south western suburbs to the North west.

On a state tourism it is now going as far as Lancelin, 125 kilometres north of Perth. Although local life revolves around the water, Perth’s beaches are never crowded, giving a sense of space and freedom. Make the most of the glorious sunshine with a beach side picnic along the sunset strip,or try something more active like windsurfing or yachting. A local favourite is Cottesloe, 15 minutes from Perth city. Bustling cafes, children’s playgrounds, warm sunshine and the inviting Indian Ocean draws young crowds and families for body boarding, surfing and snorkeling. City Beach and Floreat Beach are also excellent for body boarding and sunset beach fishing. Surfers should head further north to Scarborough Beach and Trigg Island, 15 minutes north-west of the city.

Nature lovers and fishing enthusiasts will have a ball in Marmion Marine Park, stretching from Trigg Island to Burns Rock. The reef has formed shallow crystal lagoons where dolphins play, and sea lions laze nearby on Little Island. Mettam’s Pool is a calm snorkeling spot, ideal for little people and new swimmers. Find it by following the ocean front cycle track from Sorrento Beach to Trigg. Hillary’s Boat Harbour also offers shallow, protected swimming, and the famous Sorrento Quay is right next door with its timber board walks lined with cafes and specialty shops. Hillary’s and Ocean Reef have marinas with public boat launching facilities.

At Joondalup, in the northern suburbs, there are picnic areas and a walk trail where visitors can view and interact with kangaroos and local bird life. Half an hour north-west of the city and you’re among dunes, limestone cliffs, bushland and parks, such as Yellagonga and Neerabup. For trails through native bushland dotted with kangaroos and birds, Yanchep National Park is hard to beat. It’s located within an hour of the city, and is also famous for its koala sanctuary, limestone caves and Aboriginal program. Local Nyoongar people teach visitors about bush tucker, playing the didgeridoo and traditional dancing. Another half hour will find you in a small fishing village called Lancelin, basking between glittering ocean and gigantic sand dunes.

This is the spot for the adrenalin rush of world-class windsurfing and exhilarating sand boarding, as well as great fishing, sailing, diving and surfing. As an overview this show the intent of WA Tourism to brand & tag the central coast of WA.

Lets face it the name is sexy & the it provides a mental image of what our coastline is all about. It faces west & the sun does set over the sea which is very special.Now in the 21st Century any simple explanation, word or adjective that explains something in our global village to attract visitors & new money is marketing gold.

Sunset Coast Life is so much apart of the west coast lifestyle with the Sunset Boulevard superseding West Coast Highway on the beach front from City Beach to Sorrento.

“Birds of a feather flock together”

People in the coastal districts are free spirited & outgoing with a lust. Families & individuals that love the beach, fresh air, sea breezes & all a fresh lifestyle the areas has to offers. There is a long list of attributes that makes coastal living desirable & value added.


WA is the largest state on the planet it is the size of a the worlds largest countries. Being so big the state has been separated into 9 regions outside of the Perth metropolitan area which have boarders with controls which were used with the recent COVID19 controls to stop social spread of the disease. So effective was the closing off of the regions to any public movement between areas of townships, shires WA was a world leader with disease management.
This is a feature providing links which explains the 9 regions of West Australia. Discover what really is happening in the great state of WA, looking at the big picture of how huge the west of Australia really is. Discover a the ancient country along with its 50,000 years of history from one of the longest continuous cultures the Australian Original people Aboriginal indigenous to the land. From the tropics to the north, mid west to the desert, down south to the Southern Ocean.
Every area of industry is provided with resources, farming, dairy, food, green energy, travel, tourism is just absolutely outstanding. WA is also one of the leaders in marine parks, heritage land sites, national parks, native protection for public use with education. To experience WA outside the Perth metropolitan area in the regional country side is another world. It s a world class experience of the extra ordinary.

Enjoy these features below…

Outside of Perth Metropolitan area the 9 Regions ;


Sunset Coast Life & Times… Sensational !