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We hope you enjoy the information here with a little bit of background & info about who is behind the Mitchell name. Also what is happening in our neck of the woods in your search for stuff in WA.  This is mostly what is happening around the coastal districts, western suburbs & metro area.

This is a space online which allows us a digital newsletter to show some news on special projects we are involved in, along with associates sites, events…etc. Hopefully there is some takeaway info that can benefit any person looking in the property game or other.

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:: Past to Present

The Mitchell name has been seen or heard in the background of business around the western suburbs community for decades. An active Marketing & Management Agent  since 1991 – 2006. The Sunset Coast to the City of Perth has been the main corridor of activities with publishing, promotions, venues, events. Initially in 1986 a licence was completed at REIWA for business development purposes with a plan to become a property professional in the future. In 2006 twenty years later the plan became reality. Now another 12 years later on the introduction of Mitchell Residential. So it has been a long road to arrive at this destination. With lots of knowledge gained along the journey which is equal to any senior executive agent in WA.  It is a priviledge to be apart a life changing event in peoples lives with private property. Mitchell Residential looks forward to an exciting future to represent & present premium, prestige or potential property.

:: Lucky Lifestyle

Enjoying a fun filled past with sports & lifestyle with days out in the park, down the river or beach. Aussie rules footy, baseball, swimming, surfing, skateboarding, eight ball & snooker, ten pin bowling, golf, karate, gym, hot cars, lots music & movies. Sportsmanship, local club life, socializing was a weekly thing with so many good people in the community it was like an extended family. Life growing up in the suburbs was fantastic with a bike or skateboard, then later on cool car & friends close by what more could you ask for.

:: Special Events

Since the 80’s most business activities has been in Marketing & Management iether self employed, contrated & enterprising. With a long list of pioneering, new companies that has been exciting, interesting some household names.

:: Enterprise Evolution

: Major League Merchandising
: Fletchers Health & Fitness
: Success Motivation Institute
: Encore Productions
: X Press Magazine
: Mitchell Marketing & Management
Bandwagon Australia
: Show Business Australia
: Special Events Australia
: Sunset Coast Special Events

Over 3 decades we have been involved in 100’s of clients in businesses, 100’s of promotions & campaigns every year. Thousands over the decades which includes; Corporate, retail, lifestyle, sports, hotels, nightclubs, cafes, events, entertainment, parades, street artists, showcases, live presentations, seminars, concerts, tours, theatre, festivals, world tours, global events, WA Govt, publishing.

:: Sunset Coast Local Agent

Since 2006 : with a history rich in living locally & community involvement as outlined above the approach is to be as straight forward as possible but creative at the same time with each property promotion or project. Trying to make some magic happen for the seller, buyer, investor, owner or special project. The mantra has been “Act Local, Think Global” to provide the best possible service for world class property.

:: Property Promoter
The average western suburb house is valued around $1 million, so to sell or buy is a significant event. Using Systems, Marketing & Management  Methods successfully over many decades with excellent outcomes it is a responsibility taken seriously. 

:: Coastal Lifestyle
Living & working locally in the western suburbs is sensational. With family in the central coast since the 80’s to be involved with the coastal community is both a privilege & a pleasure. 
 Always looking forward to meeting new people, plus keeping in touch with past clients or contacts & friends. Loving the Sunset Coast Life.

:: World Class WA
The aim is to provide international standard services here in Western Australia which is a world class place to live. Continue to be involved with the community whilst loving the sunset coast life. It is exciting to be apart of the WA evolution into a cosmopolitan city along with a coast line which is becoming more recognised globally every year.

Thank You for visiting & keep checking in on this website for regular update’s.

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