M I T C H E L L  C O L L E C T I V E THANK YOU for visiting to see my story so far…. It has been a long road from growing up in Embleton in the eastern suburbs loving & longing for the coast with surf, swim, longboards, skateboards, sports, arts, entertainment.  […]


W A T C H I N G  YT  TV  WA  We have compiled a selection of sensational videos, web clips, features & doco’s, plus links all about the Sunset Coast of Australia. Western Australia is the largest state on the planet which has so many secret spots, stories, history & wonders that are amazing. These video[…]


E X T R A   S P E C I A L WA is a place that has more happening than ever before….With a new generation of online influences, a unique mix with a diversified amount in a multi cultural community. Explore the vison of the past & the future with just a click. We have collated[…]


2 1 s t   C E N T U R Y If you live on an average sized street in Australia comprised of 100 households, did you know that of those on your street there is a marriage, a death & 2 births every year! These 100 households comprise on average 260 people, 40 dogs and 27[…]


  B E S T of  W E S T Western Australia is a world class place to live or visit.Listed in the top 20 on the planet with a natural wonder of sunsets over the coast every day that are just sensational. The West coast of Australia & the city of Perth has some of the[…]


S U N S E T S   F O R E V E R Welcome to the Sunset Coast of West Australia This is a list of the many places available to see & experience when you are on the coast. Get Up, Get Out, Get a Group Going & Get Into the Action… There is plenty[…]


  P R O P E R T Y   P R O M O T E R Premium, Prestige, Potential Properties Full Property Services Investors :  Range of property as VIP Wise Investments  1st Home Buyers :  Hand picked buying opportunities & advice Land & Lots :  Sale or Purchase of proposed lots, cleared, subdivisions Potential Properties :  XL[…]


R E A L  D E A L  R E P O R T S Property Reports that allows a seller, buyer, investor to request different levels or types of property reports which can be provided for due diligence on any property opportunity. E-valuation : Standard Market Appraisal PCR Report : Property Condition Report Feasibilty : Development[…]


Proudly presenting & representing property since 2006. The Mitchell name has been quietly, confidently, consistently working in the streets of the western & central suburbs with local community to sell, buy, develop, for better lifestyles.  A wide variety of unique circumstances, situations & types of property projects have been completed. The unique range or diversity in projects[…]


W E L C O M E to Dean’s World !:) A very warm “Welcome to the web site” Thank you for taking the time to browse here… We hope you enjoy the information here with a little bit of background & info about who is behind the Mitchell name. Also what is happening in our neck[…]