R E A L  D E A L  R E P O R T S

Property Reports that allows a seller, buyer, investor to request different levels or types of property reports which can be provided for due diligence on any property opportunity.

E-valuation : Standard Market Appraisal
PCR Report : Property Condition Report
Feasibilty : Development or Project Anaysis
Depreciation : For Investor Tax update
Compliance : Retrospective & Clearances
Disclosure Check : 101 point Property Check
House Life Check : Internal & External living qualities

Available to be done by qualified inspectors & preferred service providers coordinated with all information compiled to produce the Real Deal Real Report required. The objective is to get the Real Deal on any property of interest.

Available to all….Land Owner, Seller, Buyer, Investor, Builder, Renovator, Developer….
Whatever the proposed plan of action, every one should consider a  Real Deal Report before Buying or Selling.


K E E P I N G  I T  R E A L

We are committed to providing the best value services for the benefit of our customers. Strong processes and high standards of service requirements underpin our commitment to deliver real value. Real estate on demand is herewith with a broker that is ready to provide The Real Deal on property in Perth.

Evaluations are followed through with the highest standards ensuring all information is for the benefit of the current owner or proposed new purchaser. This clearly defines the property condition for all concerned to give clarity for a wise investment.

“Acting Locally & Thinking Globally”
is our motto on any property needs. Given a large percentage of purchasing is done by new residence who don’t know the West Australian property market, our environmental conditions, past or current building standards. The Real Deal Reports confirm the investment & clears the sellers of any property perceived or possible issues delaying or compromising the sale process.

The Real Deal Report service is to provide information, statistics, facts, analytics, comparable evidence, proof along with current news, recommendations, trending, ideas & content for clients in property that is priceless. Your own Private Property Playbook with an advisor in support that can be one of the most valuable things when dealing in property matters. 

“Real solutions with real outcomes”
“International level report, evaluation & program”
“A must have for any savvy property owner or investor”

“Discover answers to real questions in real estate”

R E A L  I N I T I A T I V E

The Real Deal Report is your ultimate overview & assessment in WA real estate. A customized service for a realistic, factual, objective & world class property report. This is available on any private property which will identify the potential along with things to avoid & take into consideration when selling, buying, investing or building. It can be your Property Play Book to assist as a working file for all you need.

With global exposure of local real estate made possible by the online platforms, portals & digital publications. Property promotions are evolving every month with exposure of West Australia which is highly ranked internationally. WA is now on the world stage or should we say playing a part in the festival of real estate. Ranked in the top 20 places to live on the planet which is a honorable position to be regarded in the property world. So this requires a new level of awareness, communications, quantity surveying, due diligence & negotiations. We have become a global community & connected more than ever before, the world events along with cultural differences this does alter or change the type of buyer & investor in the market place. It means a deeper understanding is needed for what is happening now & the future.  As a new resident it is always a challenge to know exactly all the necessary information with location, local knowledge, living standards, rules & regulations it is a long list of considerations. 
In the last few years the process for pricing a property has become sensitive.  Anytime a property is sluggish in its sale or purchase process is due to its presentation, condition, location, local lifestyle, perception of price & value. So that is why The Real Deal Report is an advantage… A Must Get !


T H E  T I M E  H A S  C O M E
The Real Deal Reports are now a selection of needed information to make sure your property decision is well informed, checked & authenticated.

: Presentation & property condition
: Location & local lifestyle
: Method of sale & strategy

Pricing, perceived value
: Client communication & content

After 10 years in the making with ongoing development from real life case studies…
The Real Deal Report is also a Private Property Playbook available for any type of profile.

Its full of…
Current real estate data, REIWA Real Estate Institute of WA evidence, comparisons, analytics, advice, market values, property potential, attributes & ideas behind how to “Sell Well – Buy Better” that is pure gold to know when Selling, Buying, Investing or Building.

Real Estate is one of the largest individual deals the average person will be involved with in a lifetime. May only do it once….so dont just think twice get a professional second opinion.

It is all about you & your property, 

Achieve the lifestyle you have always wanted.


Strictly Confidential for Private Property.

B O O K  A  R E P O R T


A V O I D   M I S T A K E S
Some deals in property do have challenges but its normally in the expectation of the seller or buyers. West Australia has some of the best business practices in the land with REIWA Real Estate Industry of WA membership is 2nd to none & world class. But even so there are many DIY & alternative ideas to sell, buy, do business in real estate. The Real Deal Report is a reinforcement of the need for professional agent representation & advisory services. The report has a Check List,  plus case studies available on all types of property transactions & potential issues which will help Avoid any WTF moments.

This program is a valued item
to any prospective seller & property investor.
It also comes with consultancy advice, “One to One” follow up service with an ongoing mentoring/coaching if requsted on your personal property.
[Available to Qualified Clients]




“Helping people reach full potential in property”
“Achieving Extra-Ordinary Outcomes”