Proudly presenting & representing property since 2006.

The Mitchell name has been quietly, confidently, consistently working in the streets of the western & central suburbs with local community to sell, buy, develop, for better lifestyles.  A wide variety of unique circumstances, situations & types of property projects have been completed. The unique range or diversity in projects has been all there is to do in property. With an open door policy of making any required property service available by request to the community.  An everything in property attitude & linking up with the professionals that can provide the service has lead to a collective group now available for Mitchell Residential.

With over 1000 appraisals / assessments, property discussions, hundreds of selling or purchasing properties on behalf of clients over the 12 years. Many past customers continue to use our services along with referrals to friends, family & associates. We welcome any Q & A with free advice on any property, promotional or special project.

We have a long list of testimonials & references from past Happy Clients.
An E-Book has been produced with over a 100 good people saying good things with examples of work.
Available on request.

“Real people in Real life situations getting Real Deals”

“Not Your Average Agent”

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