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Dean Mitchell has been servicing several thousands of people & hundred transactions over a decade in the property business. Also working in marketing & management around the city to the sunsetcoast since the 80’s.

Deals, advice, services have been given statewide with a range of estate & business interests. To keep ahead of the lastest & greatest trends its taken untold hours of study, education, research, action in the field, real life deals with owners, proprietors, investors, buyers, developers to gain the necessary knowlelge on over a thousand or more projects. It has been a daily, weekly process of due diligence to achieve the needed outcomes for all concerned.

This is a Digital & Mobile company with a group of pro agents in collaboration servicing from the City to the Coast in premium property. On Demand & Direct dealing with selected clients in an exclusive manner that is at the best level available.

The Mitchell names is synonymous with Western Australia & its with pride the Mitchell brand is now stamping property deals.

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Mitchell & Co is a collective of specialised agents, associates & affiliates ready to be of service for property business in the purchase, sale, development to settlement & beyond. These services are for all types of people, properties & projects with advanced marketing & management technology in a personalised manner back with an international network.


Mitchell & Co is an independent 100% Australian Owned & WA operated agency. With a broker system to facilitate all property deals in a world class way. Real people in real estate who have been networking & gathering the best contacts in the country for decades. This is a colloboration of professionals in property who have been doing their thing for a long time that have continued to evelove in one of the most competitive & largest investment opportunities of an individual or companies lifetime. Lifestyle is everything with the Mitchell Method totally unique to WA. It has been proven to be highly successful in the property cycle, ups, downs & turn arounds of the West Australian market place. Therefore working in all conditions efficiently & effectively for the thousands of clients. A team of local people who live & work in the city, suburbs, country who have outsanding local knowledge.

All the needed services at the next level in Marketing, Pro Productions, Photography, Point of Sale, Publishing, Presentation, Promotion, Consultation, Advice, Advocacy, Transaction, Processing, Management, Project full life cycle.

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“Digital Mobile Agency”
Matching any one anywhere dealing with world class property services.


Mitchell & Co has the keys to unlocking the safe to successful property transactions. With the slight edge of local knowledge, exclusive information collective, creativity, professional productions that exposes the property for every attribute & opportynity possible. to make a wise decision, along with being in the strongest position for the transaction & deal.

Experience the next level & dimension in property Buying or Selling.

A new way for today to purchase & sell property.

We are now dealings with property globally so make sure you have a world class agent.

{MRES} mres@iinet.net.au



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