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Secret Selling Perth



It is Amazing what curiosity does for people & buyers.
We are no different to the rest of the animal kingdom….
“Curiosity catches the cat”

We can be teased, fascinated & find things intriguing like any other creature on this planet.

In many cases curiosity can fuel the fire of interest in wanting to know all about what’s on offer. The savvy buyer has the edge with immediate action & discovery, whilst the average buyer is lazy & needs all the info before they call. Most of the general population like to be “in the know” so the discreet or silent enquiry is pretty genuine. Today more than ever is a slow & sluggish market with
movements up, down, sideways it is extremely important for the seller & the buyer to be well informed which means an engaged agent going one to one with every interested party. So for the secret sale or purchase be the one to find the gold, uncover the gem, find the source & be on top of what’s happening in your neck of the woods.

That’s were the fun is… isn’t it ?
Searching, finding, qualifying, evaluating, negotiating, buying, owning !

“One of the best kept secrets in real estate is the Secret Sale.
It is Silent, Discreet, Private & Strictly Confidential.”

There is no circus, razza-ma-tazz, blah blah, yee hah !

A growing number of owners & sellers, along with buyers are seeking more privacy.
Wanting to go about their business keeping their private life .. private.
How much money they are receiving or making, how much they are spending or own is not for public knowledge.

Also personal & family security is the new reality…
Selling a house can exposes ones life & bear all to a community.

This fly’s in the face of nearly all of what is taught to promoted in sales & marketing of a property. A lot of agents in branded corporately branded & packaged agencies will advise against this method. This type of sale doesn’t require a large fee for VPA – Vendor Paid Advertising program. The agents themselves do not know how to go about this very specialized way of doing business.

Discreet & Silent selling require unique marketing & salesmanship. It is a minimalist challenge to achieve extra-ordinary outcomes with the absolute least amount of inconvenience, stress, hassle, general public access & personal exposure.

The idea of putting on a big campaign of print, press, signage in sales & marketing a property in this digital age is really using a lot of money to promote to a lot of people who most are not buyers.

It can sometimes become a promotion profiling the agent & agency representing the property. With really no additional income from the investment to the seller.

“Being a low key method, attracting a more savvy & astute buyer with a Strictly Confidential sales process is a way that can get big results.”

Also lets not forget the ever increasing security issues of todays living in what is becoming medium to high density, mixed socioeconomic residential sushi.

Silent & Discreet sales / buying does not allow a long line of strangers into a property, it provides more qualified viewings. The only people who know the property is for sale is from the special agent who have previously registered interest or from a buyer alert.

Extremely effective, low cost & less hassels, stress less, can control the timing of how things progress. But because it more a mile jog than a 100 meter sprint it may just take a little longer in most cases because its not a high powered type of campaign.

For people that like to keep private property & personal sales dealings….private.
The opposite to an auction its the ULTIMATE PRIVATE TREATY.

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