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:: Property Promotion

Considering the average western suburb house is valued @ $1 million with a fee for services that is a good reward it is comparable to a significant event. So with this in mind, plus full respect for the mathematics in dollars, the same approach is used with a sequence of service that is tried & tested. “Secret Systems & Magic Methods” used successfully over many decades are used with Unbelievable Outcomes.

Prepare > Tease > Excite > Launch > Campaign > Sell > Present > Deliver > Impress.
Literally capturing the imagination or fascination to create a potential fan. Then opening their minds to new possibilities creating a customer experience that makes them a buying fanatic & raving fan . Private Property, homes, lifestyle, styling, tastes, fashion, individual impressions, home hospitality, facilities, luxury, are all aligned with events & entertainment. The same level of respect, due diligence, preparation, campaign, passion, vision, creativity, presentation & representation come into play. The hero or star of the event is the property opportunity, the lifestyle on offer, the dream, the new life & future.

:: Real Qualifications

:: 1986 ::
Real Estate & Business Broker – Sponsored by Mair & Co
Licensed for Residential & Business Broking. Exploring higher education & business development for large transactions, negotiation processes. To be used for marketing, events management with national or international multi-media. 

:: 2006 ::
20 years later….Property Broker specialising in “Western Suburbs”.
Being involved with local residence experiencing a first time buyer to a premium property seller/purchaser or a special project. It is a life changing personal special event that is a privilege to be apart of as a professional service provider.

:: 2014 ::
Fully Qualified in all areas on Real Estate & Property

Diploma in Property Agency & Management
Auction Marketing & Management, Property Management, Urban Development

:: 2018 ::
Triennial Certificate, Principle Agent & Broker
Mitchell Residential  [Selling]
Real Deal Australia [Buying/Investing]


:: Marketing & Management

Since 1991 Mitchell Marketing & Management Australia has been operating in WA by Dean Mitchell & Co. With a network of pro-service providers delivering any level of advertising, publicity, publishing, productions, promotions. One of the few estate agents in WA with a media background using “Secrets of Creative Sales, Multi-Media & Direct Marketing” ~ Making Magic Happen

:: Coastal Lifestyle

Living & working locally in the western suburbs is sensational. With family roots in Wembley Downs, Churchlands, Scarborough for several decades along with being involved with the coastal community is both a privilege & a pleasure. 
Previous business experience with extra-ordinary involvement in a range of promotional projects. This provides experience & expertise that clients benefit from in the way things are delivered for real results. Plus personal property purchases, sales, leasing both residential & commercial has been a big part of life. New house & land projects, renovations, investing has given great awareness with appreciation for the many property processes.  A genuine intent to treat all contacts/clients with the same level of respect & commitment striving to provide elite services. Over the last decade with hundreds of deals it has been both challenging & rewarding. Always looking forward to meeting new people, discovering more opportunities. Plus keeping in touch with past clients for a continued association with any services that may be required..

:: World Class WA

The aim is to provide services of international level here in Western Australia which is a world class destination & place to live. Continue to be involved with all the community has to offer & loving the sunset coast life. It is exciting to be apart of the WA evolution into a cosmopolitan city & coast line which is becoming more recognised globally every year.

“Acting Locally, Thinking Globally”

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Dip. Real Estate Agent & Business Broker
Cert. Tenniel Cert in RE Agency 
Cert. Real Estate Institute WA Member
Cert. Property Management

Cert. Rural & Urban Development
Cert. Project Sales & Marketing

Cert. Property & Contract Law
Strata Sales & Marketing
Cert. Auction Sales, Mktg & Mgmt
Cert. Business Broking 1 & 2

Cert. Multi-Media Publishing
Cert. Advertising Agency & Media Buyer
Dip. Desk Top Publishing & Commercial Art
Cert. Creative Sales & Marketing
Cert. Real Agent Representative 1986, 2006, 2016
Diploma in Real Estate Agency 2014 (Triennial Cert)
Mitchell Marketing & Management Est. since 1991


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