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Feng Shui in Perth Properties


14 simple Feng Shui tips for selling your home in Perth

As homeowners, we often fail to see what strangers will notice as soon as they walk through the door of our home. This is an important issue when selling your home fast and at top dollar is your goal!

Aside from choosing a good realtor, creating a welcoming and balanced first impression on prospective buyers’ hearts and souls is the most effective thing you can do to encourage a speedy sale (in any real estate market).

Over time we get used to certain looks and feelings in our home and to things being in certain places. Obstacles in our way are not such after living with them for a while. We block them out completely and do not notice them anymore.

Clutter surrounds us and we totally ignore it. In fact, we may not even be aware of it. But other people do notice it and these blockages can be the reason for the failure of a sale even though we may have a great property to offer.
When showing your home, your goal is to display a carefully choreographed space that is warm, comfortable and welcoming. That, sells.

With Feng Shui we aim to achieve balance and harmony in our life and with our surroundings. And that’s just what your prospective home buyers are looking for as well!

It’s important to empower visiting home buyers to easily imagine themselves living in your home. Without the clutter and obstacles, they are now free to make your space their own. With these Feng Shui tips for selling your home fast, that’s exactly what you’ll achieve:

[1] :: Tidy up your home

There is no worst impression to a prospective buyer than walking into a cluttered and uncared place. This will be their first and long lasting impression.

In most cases, they will turn right out and not even look at the house itself at this point. Or even worse they’ll take the tour out of courtesy for the realtor, all the while thinking about what a nasty mess your place is!

Throw away those dusty-ugly-looking-and-dried flower arrangements that have been left unattended for years.

Wash carefully all your silk plants if you plan to keep them and take them with you after. Give them a shine. Otherwise, out they go as well.

[2] :: Take good care of the surroundings and access to your home

It all starts outside. Trim or cut out those overgrown shrubs that are in front of your entrance, they probably do not let anyone see your house number…

Open up the access and allow your windows and your door to be seen when people drive up to the front.

[3] :: Keep your lawn tidy

While your home is up for sale, mow as much as necessary. Clear all those abandoned areas all around your front and back yard. Waste is not a welcoming site.

[4] :: Mind the seasons

If you are planning on selling during the summer time, plant annuals that will bloom all season and offer a pleasant view to prospective buyers as they are approaching your property.

[5] :: Lighting matters. It really, really matters

Pull back those drapes and let the light and sunshine in, your home will look brighter and have a better energy flowing around it. Airy and bright, this is what you want to show to others.

[6] :: Where’s your fridge?

cluttered fridge doors, bad feng shui, clutter,Clean that fridge door from all those postings, notes, flyers, art and you-name-it that have been hanging there for months and months.

Remember, you want to show your home at its best and your personals are of no interest to buyers. They will only detract from your main purpose.

[7] :: If possible, consult a professional

Invite a Feng Shui Consultant to visit your property for a consultation. They view your space with a different heart and through detached viewpoints and will help you achieve visual balance and harmony for your home to show properly and sell faster.

Consider their advice and their staging suggestions seriously. They will help set the house up for selling.

[8] :: Make sure your home stinks!

Wait, what?!? Let me explain myself…

You definitely don’t want your home to have any bad odors. But take it a step further, welcome prospective buyers with the smell of baking bread, scented candles and warm aromas. The smell of cinnamon and apple are a great combination.

[9] :: Have Mr. Clean on retainer

Your bathrooms should be spotless, spotless and spotless.

This one requires some effort if you’re living in the home while it’s up for sale. But I can’t overstate the importance of showing clean bathrooms to your prospects.

Put away all those half full bottles, containers, bags, boxes, and the rest of your personals. Place small plants in bloom on the counters, and light some candles.

[10] :: How about your kitchen?

spotless kitchen, immaculate kitchen, clean and tidy kitchen, contemporary kitchen Guess what, it should also be spotless, spotless and spotless. Crisp clean.

Don’t display all your burned pots and pans around the counter. Tidy up. Place a bowl of fresh fruits on the counter. Less is much, much more!

[11] :: Be consistent with the scents

Light scented candles around all your living spaces. One scent for all, don’t make a smell-salad that will confuse people as they walk through your space.

When selling your home, turning the key over to your realtor is just no enough. You must be hands-on and proactive in ensuring the home shows well to prospective buyers!

[12] :: Be an active part of the selling process

Keep in touch with your agent and get your house ready for every single showing. Yes, YOU have to do your homework EVERY TIME someone will visit your home with a buying interest.

To turn the keys over to your real estate agent is not enough. They will do their part of the job but your property has to stand out to a prospective buyer more than any of the others they will be visiting.

You want them to choose your home among all the others, don’t you?

[13] :: Doesn’t hurt to pray

Whether  you are religious or not…..Go to bed with a small prayer to the Universe where you make clear that you are ready and willing to sell, let go of your home and move on. The Universe IS listening. Never doubt it!

[14] :: For further success, stage your home

We can certainly help you with this one!
This is where the magic happens in the positioning of things in a space.

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In the meantime stay well, good luck and may good Feng Shui always flow your way 🙂

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