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New Way to Sell Perth Property

:: All New Way to Sell is Here…

A new way of buying and selling real estate…

We will start seeing the words “Transparent Negotiation” – “Open Negotiation” – “By Negotiation” in association with “Set Date Sale” popping up in real estate language in the future and you may wonder what it means.

With Perth (WA) Real Estate industry being one of the most isolated & competitive places in the world. It is common to see a new idea or story told & it will be copied very quickly by agents & agencies. Maybe not in exactly the same way but a copy anyway to score the deal.

So “Transparent & Open Negotiation” is the new way…..definitely another option in the selling methods available to any vendor to achieve the maximum value in the process.
Well, the answer is pretty simple… it is a totally transparent way of negotiating real estate transactions, and has been developed by agents to alleviate the frustrations and pitfalls of other selling methods.

Dean Mitchell is a “BROKER of PROPERTY & PROJECTS” multi-skilled & certified in marketing, management, in all things property. Dealing with a wide range of individuals needs & businesses state-wide, nationally & internationally.

It makes good sense to be working on better more efficient way to manage a traction & negotiation. So to initiate a new way to selling & transacting is part of the evolution in WA real estate. Created from a concept to make a METHOD & SYSTEM OF SELLING that is a blend of all the traditional ways. Putting together the best characteristics of more conventional sales methods (like Auction and private treaty) into one flexible, fair and totally open method of sale, and creates an environment where an agent we can be totally transparent with all parties involved. This has been a collaboration with some of WA’s leading agents.

:: Sellers Imagine knowing exactly how many buyers were going to be submitting offers on your property during or weeks before the set sale date. Or, imagine someone presenting you with an amazing offer prior to your Auction date, and still having the opportunity for all the other interested buyers to openly compete with that offer!

:: Buyers Imagine never missing out on a property because you didn’t know how much you needed to pay. Imagine having indications of all other buyers’ prices at all times (like an Auction) but without a public bidding process. Instead, you can bid from the comfort and privacy of your own home, and take your time to consider your next price.

:: Results imagine always being able to get the best price in a short time-frame by being able to include all buyers (e.g. those with finance or other conditions). Imagine an End Date Sale that was open and transparent, where the buyers could continue negotiating until you truly knew you had found the current real market value of the home.

It really is a win-win for sellers, buyers, and Broker a Real Deal that is as good as it gets!

:: How does “Open & Transparent Negotiation” work?

:: Why was Transparent Negotiation created?

Transparent Negotiation is a culmination of the knowledge and experience of some of WA’s top performing real estate agents and auctioneers, and has been designed to take the process of selling real estate into the 21st-century.

After years of research, trial & error the model has been fine tuned to work every time. It brings together the best aspects of traditional sales methods, and removes the parts that don’t work so well.  By doing things just a little bit differently it puts trust and fairness at the forefront; giving sellers greater control and buyers a greater feeling of fairness.

To find out more about the “THE NEW OPEN METHOD”  process and its success,

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Dean Mitchell
Perth’s Property Promoter & Broker


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