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Perth Property Sweet Spots


POSITION & LOCATION is what it is always pushed in the property game.
But it isn’t that simple….it goes deeper with a range of lifestyle & area attributes.

Like the competitive sports person or athlete it is all about finding the sweet spot.

With enough Practice, Drills, Rehearsing the groove will come & the sweet feel of success is attainable.

However, if the preparation has Not been done properly to reach full potential. If one prepares incorrectly then success will not follow because all the hard work has been practicing to do it wrong. It will only guarantee an ordinary outcome at best.

To find the sweet spot in anything is either by luck or the result of a smart performer getting some pro consultation, coaching, mentoring. It is a must.!

To DIY [do it yourself] is like being dyslexic & proof reading your own copy for a story.
An editor will always make it a sweet read.

It’s like going down to the driving range & hitting more golf balls may retain the bad habits you wanted to get rid of. Therefore a session with a pro coach will set up your swing & game better with more awareness of what you need to do right with your actions to achieve the best outcome.

Its pretty much very similar in the weekend warrior playing the property game.
The 1st time player, amatueur, even semi pro…

Why is it that Roger Federer the greatest tennis player of the modern era has a coach…?
Even though super stars are at the top of their game they still have a personal coach & mentor they trust in the partnership of success…. The Sweet Spot.


:: Basics, Fundamentals, Skills, Self analysis, Adjustments, Mechanics….physical game

:: Understanding, Knowledge, Analysis, Statistics, Patterns, Plays….inner mental game

:: Perspective, Reading the play, Psychology, Opportunity, Strategy…. ahead of game

So what does all this mean to property…

It is folklore that week in week out individuals, couples, families & new property developers/speculators are in the market buying, selling, building, subdividing….without any professional assistance or coaching.

90% of these people are not prepared correctly for a specific well planned outcome.
Allowing “the market to decide” or “we will see how things go”

Poor negotiations, No Due Diligence or Feasibility report…?

Getting back to the sport analogy that’s like running out onto Subiaco oval with the AFL & try to kick a goal !?

Amazingly the deals that are being done by novice sellers & buyers are more than what the best players in the team are paid as professionals.

Yes…in the western suburbs the deals done every week will be more than Ablett, Fyfe, Buddy, Dangerfield who are Brownlow medalist get paid.!?

For that matter a Grand Slam in tennis winners of Wimbledon & Aussie Open get over $2M with runners up $1M & semi finalist will get as much as a medium house price just over 1/2 million. They will dedicate their life to reach that position, pay for training, coaches, mentors, conditioning, psychologists, nutrition, travel, accommodation, equipment….etc

Therefore the point I am making is what is the preparation for a 1/2 million, $1M, $2M, 3M, 5M dollar deal in the property game.?

Do yourself a favour & find the SWEET SPOT in Position, Location, Preparation, Negotiation, Process & Outcome with you nest Purchase or Sale of property.

:: In Search of the Sweet Spot…
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Dean Mitchell
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