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Auctions are really achieving fastest results in Perth

Perth properties that go to auction sell 26 days more quickly than properties sold by private treaty, according to REIWA data. According to REIWA President Hayden GrovesAverage selling days for auctions decreased steadily last year with each passing quarter, and it is now 26 days faster to sell by auction than private treaty,” Groves said.
“This figure did dip in January due to seasonality, but recovered quickly and was back up to 2.9% in March,” said Groves.“Auctions are becoming more familiar to West Australians, and Perth sellers are increasingly more open to this selling method,” he said. “While private treaty remains the most common way to sell a property in Perth, auctions did hit a 15-year high in December 2015, with 3.1% of all sales in the metropolitan region happening under the hammer.”Groves also said “although the percentage of Perth vendors choosing to sell by auction was a small part of the market, this method was gaining popularity. Perth sellers looking to sell their property quickly should sell via auction, according to REIWA data.  Auctions in the metropolitan region achieve quicker sales than private treaties.Perth properties that go to auction sell 26 days more quickly than properties sold by private treaty.” This according to REIWA data.

So if you want to do it….AUCTION ACTION !!!
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