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Western Suburbs Perth

:: Western Suburbs Property ::

Every State in Australia has famous area’s of unreal estate which usually are near the rivers & beach front. Perth Western Australia has the Swan River & Western Suburbs along the coast. Basically west of the Mitchell Freeway along the coast which is commonly called the Western Suburbs or the Sunset Coast. We have listed some of Perth & WA’s selection of the “Super Burbs” in the Western Subs.

:: Shires Include…
Fremantle, Cottesloe, Cambridge, Stirling, Wanneroo

:: Post Codes & Places

6010 :~ Swanbourne, Claremont, Mount Claremont
6011 :~ Cottesloe
6012 :~ Mosman Park
6014 :~ Floreat, Jolimont, Wembley
6015 :~ City Beach
6016 :~ Glendalough, Mount Hawthorn
6017 :~ Osborne Park, Herdsman
6018 :~ Churchlands, Woodlands, Doubleview, Innaloo, Gwelup
6019 :~ Scarborough, Wembley Downs
6020 :~ Carine, Marmion, North Beach, Watermans Bay, Sorrento
6021 :~ Stirling, Balcatta
6022 :~ Hamersley
6023 :~ Duncraig
6029 :~ Trigg

The above is a selection of key coastal postcodes that provide a selection of a wide variety of residential property.

Apartments, Villas, Townhouse, Family homes, Premium, Prestige & Potential properties.

:: Beware
Given WA is a young state colonized early 1900’s, the coastal districts were established beginning in Fremantle following up the river to the Perth city location.
Then from the City to Claremont to Cottesloe was built for Federation celebrations 1928.
Up the coast north was Floreat & Wembley developed for the Empire Games 1930 – 60’s.
A movement of settlers went up the coast to City Beach, Scarborough, Doubleview, Trigg.
Then along the beach front to North Beach, Marmion & Sorrento.
Original weatherboard homes & beach shacks are now very rare to find. The buildings of the time 1950 – 1985 we see a lot of today are scattered along these suburbs still on large land lots, built of brick, limestone base, wood floors, tiled roofs. They are over half a century old, weathered & either renovated or being knocked over for the next generation.

The coastal districts have homes that have been affected by salt air, weather conditions unique to the beach front. WA’s strong winds carry the salt for a few kilometers inland & it is now showing damage in the roofs, bricks & mortar of the older homes. This is something everyone should be aware of as the building products used were clay based, porous items that have stood the test of time but expiry dates are now here.

:: Prestige
With the evolution of living standards & the want of people to live a lifestyle near the beautiful beach. These areas have the old homes being replaced with modern & amazing new homes. WA’s coast & Western Suburbs is in a new drive of designer home which is accelerating being the next generation. It’s another cycle of life in property which is a century since colonization. These are exciting times in the 21st century when a new wave of cosmopolitan living is now developing along WA’s Sunset Coast. Prestige will become the normal as property continues its appreciation with supply & demand.

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