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Advocacy in WA Property


:: The Trusted Advisor ::

In business today you will see & hear a old but strong word become new again. Used as a benchmark of qualification for leaders & decision makers.

Yes this is the person who will be highly educated, experienced, expertise, knowledgeable & a judge taking into consideration facts, figures, information presented to be thoroughly analyzed & considered so to be able to come to a logical decision.

The Advocate of any business is a third person, one that has perspective on a situation who is above & beyond approach for integrity to provide a right answer with truth, honesty & respect for all parties concerned.

The oldest trick in the book is having a family member or friend that acts as the “Devils Advocate”. You can pretty much guarantee every second deal in every suburb around the state or the country for that matter will have one. Anytime, anyone is selling or buying property someone is looking at the negative side of the deal.
We could all do with somebody playing the Devils Advocate, but are they really qualified to give the correct & up to date advice. You really need someone well informed, researched, has intimate local knowledge & who provides that service for a living. Then & only then will the downside be truly covered & considered in a constructive not destructive manner.

Keeping it real & in perspective is so important so we do not get a head of ourselves or let the situations runaway, as we can get carried away. This perspective should not cloud our judgment to loose out on an opportunity of a lifetime.

On the other hand we need all things good & right about the property to help with the decision making process. The attributes that will put us in a positive position with considerations of the up side in a true, believable & credible manner. A check list of “Likes” that make the property a good investment now & in the future. This should come from a Pro Advocate that is advising the individual on the investment to be made. Plus assistance in the negotiations
to secure the property at the best price & special conditions.

Real Estate in Perth WA will need this Pro Service Person as it enters the next phase of the cycle. A phase that is unpredictable as a whole if generalizing & in need of specialization. A micro management of activity to focus on the real outcomes expected from any investment of selling of property. The advice to a seller or buyer be well informed, with clarity & confidently to outline what would or could be the potential or possible outcomes.

Any savvy individual realizes that property is big business with the biggest deals to be made in one’s lifetime. So an Advocate will be worth their weight in gold. Yes, literally the value to the eventual decision will be huge so seek advice from a Pro Agent.

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