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:: Real to Reel to Reality ::

Real Estate in the modern day is a wash with so many different platforms to promote, it now takes a highly trained Pro Agent to identify what & which is the best way to get a property promoted to its full potential.

To really understand the extent of change in the world of multi media & the digital influence on real estate we must go back before we go forward to look at real change.

As an agent transitioning to a new industry after 20 years in the marketing, management, advertising, publishing, printing & promotional industry. I had just finished working as a marketing & management agent for over a decade in special events & projects on a national, international scale. Daily use of multiple web sites to interact, co-ordinate, inform & sell large scale entertainment. In 1996 the year after Microsoft was commercially launched on a global scale the Australian entertainment & hospitality industry embraced the new medium with open arms.

The work place was a “computer work station” the shop window was 15 inches.
A desk top computer with a floppy disc & CD access, then download an artwork program could get you to do business 24/7 like the big boys. The generation gap was to begin with technology, digital foot print & computer competence. You could be as big as any company if you had a domain, web site, content & an understanding that this was the new way.

The future had arrived & it was very exciting, accessible & a new way to live. Very quickly the home office grew with a couple of super charged desk top computers, big screens, plus a laptop for out of the office presentations & the latest mobile phone in the pocket. The office in town also decked out with the latest & greatest technology had to offer.

My agency catch phrase was “Act Locally Think Globally” a Paul Mc Cartney quote when he was in town
1995 Perth World tour. I was lucky enough to be involved with promoting the event at Subiaco oval
& looking after the band, Paul & Linda with the stay in WA.

After being apart of such a dynamic work & market place, stepping into the local real estate office was very different. It was curious to begin a new era in real estate in 2006 were I found agents did not believe they needed a website or any online presence. Emails where  taken as inconvenient, confusing & time consuming with little trust of security. Manual delivery of information, snail mail & driving around everywhere was the normal agency expectation. It was an old school way that was rigid, restrictive, limiting & ignorant to modern technology methodology. It was ridiculous when we look back on the attitudes, educational level & expertise in this area for what was an industry dealing in million dollar deals daily.

Considering a million dollar gig or festival the year earlier would take an event crew team 12 months to plan, co-ordinate, prepare, promote & present successfully. With usually a few local investors sweating over losing property which was on the line as collateral or security to underwrite the show. So as recent as several years ago the average experienced agent thought it would not be impossible to sell a house, land or development online. It was mandatory you must advertise in the leading local news papers, magazines & put the brochure in the shop window or it just would not sell. The West Australian News – Real Estate section was 120 pages every week @ $10k per page booming with over a million dollars in classified ads. Plus Wednesday was 40 pages or more also. The Sunday Times was around 80 pages plus the New Homes lift out dealing in over 1/2 million in weekly paid ads. Local papers packed with full pages, features & a never ending supply of advertising for property. Magazines, Home Buyer Mag, Home Sale Features….etc
The press & publications were as you would say “killing it!”

This had been done for over 100 years prior so why would you question these methods of paper advertising.
It was automatic & expected to sell or get agent profile in your area.

Only as recent as 2006 realestate.com.au actually began & quickly later that year had a small office opened in Perth. Reiwa.com.au & Aussiehomes where the other alternatives. Basically being used like a brochure for representation of a listed property.

Most agents learnt the new digital change on the run…
Self taught with daily experimentation usually at the expense of the client & it is still happening today.
VPA – Vendor Paid Advertising allows any agent to buy media & produce advertising on behalf of the client.
In most cases agents are actually selling advertising for the digital publications with packages & promotions. Thinking that if you just upload the property online it will sell.

It has gone to the next level of FSBO – For Sale By Owners that if you pay a website $500 you can up load on re.com.au, domain & a couple of affiliated minor sites. This will sell the property….. but this fraught with danger!

In fact only a few years ago the introduction of formal industry training on digital marketing & management. A large number of agencies using this as a way of branding the company or using it to impress possible clients for listings. When the actual sites, apps, data base is ineffective.

:: Recent History…

Old School;
:~ IBM, Apple Mac, Windows, MSN, Amazon, Yahoo, My Space, Nabster, Netscape, Firefox…
New School;
:~ Google, You Tube, Face Book, Skype, Twitter, Pinterest, 4 Square, Word Press, Snap Chat, Instagram….
:~ Telecom, Telstra, Nokia, Motorolla, Blackberry, Samsung, Apple, IPhone

Shoot forward to what has been a revolution of laptops, tablets, smart phones, personal mobility & digital services.

Advertising, Marketing, Publishing, Publicity, Promotion, Productions has changes forever.

As a professional advertising & marketing agent for late 80’s, 90’s, early 00’s it was an amazing transition.
The take overs of info & communication service products, platforms, providers is nothing short of remarkable. From easily researching advertising of a handful of key publications, listening to only a few radio stations, a few TV stations it was all minimal compared to the smorgasbord of media served up now.

Just think… In the last 25 years….
:: Mobile phones v’s Personal Pager, CD v’s Vinyl, Beta v’s VHS, Internet v’s Facsimile, Floppy disc v Storage Stick/CD
:: CD v’s Video Cassette, YT v’s TV, Pay Tv v’s Free TV, Movies v’s Games, PlayStation v’s Outdoors, Facebook v’s Face to Face,
:: Text v’s Talk, Online v’s Offline, Computer v’s Life, Phone v’s Everything.

What does this mean for real estate next year, this year….Now?

“We will have Specialization not Generalization”

Any good player of a competitive game is a good reader of the play. Preparation meeting opportunity will usually end with a high level of success. The New Real Estate Play Book by Dean is ready to be used wisely.

Platforms such as re.com.au, reiwa.com, domain are leaders in the industry. They funnel 80% of the browsing audience to agents & hopeful home / property sellers. These are the go to places for presenting property but there is so much more.

It means that a seller, buyer, investor, developer, speculator must really stand on the curb of the digital freeway. Carefully look both ways & look again before crossing or getting stuck in a traffic jam.

There is now a big need for agents who really do have the competence, expertise, knowledge in all areas of multi media. Who really has a handle on what is the best way to formulate a selling strategy in a range of promotional places. Producing images, messages, features, copy & concepts that grab the attention of the buying public. Plus street wise & direct marketing methods that are magnetic.

The market is becoming saturated with a wash of different trends, having unsure agents who are followers following the followers. Things start to all look similar or the same which is commonly called blurring in marketing. This is now normal in real estate advertising with multi media formatted or template advertising. There are limitations in online publications with regulations by the domain’s who are suppose to be supporting the promotion of property. Preset computerized programming that takes away any dynamics, individuality or creativity. It is always important to stand out, grab attention, be noticed…this is the oldest catch cry in the book of The Ad Man.

The commercial reality is the online monsters are getting bigger & busier. With more logos, advertising & visual info of stuff so busy to the eye that makes it hard to search for the latest offerings. The wheels of the machine are always in motion with a cycle that is recycled servicing the service industry of local real estate.

So there is a new challenges ahead….


The new wave agent is savvy, smart, sensitive to the clients needs & a strategist for success.

The Master Plan of the Master Agent is to be ..
Creative, cost effective promotion of property to achieve the objective of the client & customers in common.
Finding out what is fascinating, what is the WOW, the Ah Ha!
Then through strategic placement & selection of mediums to expose the message, feature or story.
Using fundamental systems of advertising, methods of marketing, plans of promotion which position the property where it needs to be for a successful outcome & result for all concerned.

To do this only a Pro Agent can research, develop, plan & produce a promotional program that will
present any property to reach its full potential.

Anyone can contact me anytime, who genuinely wants to do something smart & special.
We can make personal history happen working together that will be life changing, as partners in property.


: 0413122633
: mres@iinet.net.au

Complimentary Consultation by Appointment.
Dean Mitchell
Perth’s Property Promoter & Broker






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