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Special Projects WA



Over the last few years we have become an affiliate special agent to a selection of premium Perth builders & developers. Partnering in selling or buying with a range of world class local & national companies. Many projects are now in progress or under construction in WA providing international level accommodation. A selection of opportunities are here online & update regularly. This is an exclusive direct link to some of the most exciting & hottest properties on offer from the city to the coast in Western Australia.

If you are looking to liberate your lifestyle with an new property or just wanting to invest wisely in something a new that will provide a strong return on investment. Then you have come to the right spot with a range of opportunities presented for purchase either now or off the plan in construction..

We can also match you to an opportunity based on “Your Property Profile” then secure something that will be a near to perfect as you will want.

Perth is now in one of the best Buyers Markets in a decade with some of the most amazing deals in Australia up for grabs. Any purchaser can comfortably negotiate a brilliant buy along with some incentives or giveaways that will help sweeten the deal. Get a gift of good will that is not normally available & enjoy.

It is expected the current situation of a Buyers Advantage to be here for the short term til early 2017. As everyone knows in real estate that when the market returns to a sellers market which the cycle always does, it goes gang busters. So don’t think about it for too long….the time to buy is NOW.

:: OFF the PLAN Program in 5 simple steps..

1) Register Your Interest 

2) Application to Purchase with a holding deposit

3) Write a Contract for Sale ~ Offer & Acceptance

4) Pre-start & building specifications Agreement

5) Turn Key Purchase, wait until construction is completed & move straight in.

Purchasing NEW property will always place the buyer ahead of the curve.
It has become a trend THE ALL NEW place in Perth is WANTED.


:: The All New & Next Generation in WA property is here…

With an amazing array of awesome apartments, villas, townhouses & premium properties available just take your pick. WA & Australian builders are recognized as a world class in quality with strict compliance’s & regulation’s that rate the new property product & stock in construction as 5 & 6 star.

Free Advice ~ 0413122633 ~ deano@iinet.net.au

Receive good advice & recommendations that may well be life changing.
Your perfect investment could be one of these special projects. 
Let us help you search to find the place of your dreams then assist with negotiating a wise deal. As a Qualified Management & Marketing Broker also Certified as a Buyers Advocate, we are working with people to advise & match property to profiles. This is exactly what today’s savvy smart buyer is doing to make the best deal & purchase in property possible.

So if its a new project, something off the plan, an investment property, downsizing, 1st home buyer…..we can assist & match you to a perfect property.





~ 1 bed, 2 bed, 3 bed & Penthouses {OTP} UNDER CONSTRUCTION
Enquiries ~ 0413122633 ~ mres@iinet.net.au

Enquiries ~ 0413122633 ~ mres@iinet.net.au

SWANBOURNE ~ ARIA ~ Luxury Apartments ~ NEAR SOLD OUT ~ 2 available $798k [OTP]
Enquiries ~ 0413122633 ~ mres@iinet.net.au

DEAN :: ~ 0413122633 ~ mres@iinet.net.au

Enquiries ~ DEAN :: ~ 0413122633 ~ mres@iinet.net.au

PORT COOGEE ~ BARQUE ~ NOW SELLING ~ 2 bed 2 bath, 2 car bays ~ From $425k
{OTP} ~ Construction Commenced
Enquiries ~ DEAN :: ~ 0413122633 ~ mres@iinet.net.au

Enquiries ~ DEAN :: ~ 0413122633 ~ mres@iinet.net.au

MOUNT PLEASANT ~ CIRQUE ~ NOW SELLING ~  Luxury Apartments from $389k {OTP}
Enquiries ~ DEAN :: ~ 0413122633 ~ mres@iinet.net.au

Enquiries ~ DEAN :: ~ 0413122633 ~ mres@iinet.net.au

CIRQUE ~ It is a 5 star green rated building, the first residential to do it in WA
{OTP} ~ Construction Starts Nov 2016  ~ NOW SELLING
Details ~ DEAN :: ~ 0413122633 ~ mres@iinet.net.au

SOUTH PERTH ~ 26 on CHARLES STREET  ~ NOW SELLING ~ Apartments ~ From $430k {OTP}

Details ~ DEAN :: ~ 0413122633 ~ mres@iinet.net.au

Details ~ DEAN :: ~ 0413122633 ~ mres@iinet.net.au

PERTH ~ 78 Stirling Street ~ VERDANT ~ NOW SELLING 
~ City Apartments ~ From $415k {OTP}

Details ~ DEAN :: ~ 0413122633 ~ mres@iinet.net.au

Details ~ DEAN :: ~ 0413122633 ~ mres@iinet.net.au

More Details DEAN :: ~ 0413122633 ~ mres@iinet.net.au
WOODLANDS ~ Ewen Street ~ 1 ONLY  2 bed 2 bath, 1 car bay ~ from $499k {OTP}
Enquiries ~ DEAN :: ~ 0413122633 ~ mres@iinet.net.au

New Scarborough ~ Sunset Boulevarde ~  1 Bed Unit Only Left ~ Low $500k’s 
WEST PERTH/Northbridge ~ PARMERSTON ~  from $599k ~ {Near Completion}
Lathlain/Burswood ~ RED CASTLE ~ 1 bed Low $400k’s – 2 bed Low $500k’s ~ {Near Completion}
Ashford 0015 Westmont Kitchen 020
PIRA WATERS  ESTATE ~ Land & House packages ~ Family Friendly 

NORTH PERTH ~ Charles Street ~ SOLD OUT

WOODLANDS VIP Villa’s  ~ Completed ~ SOLD OUT

Register Your Interest TODAY

DEAN :: ~ 0413122633 ~ mres@iinet.net.au

E-Brochures available on all listed properties by request.










A superior modern NEW strata property is preferred to the pre-owned older properties. Being a very competitive buying market at the moment their are many good buys to be had. Every builder is open to negotiation to accommodate genuine buyers & get them involved. Alot of buyers are actually sellers upgrading from an older unit to the next level & embracing a better standard in lifestyle. Many investors are finding the expiry date on long term investment now requiring costly maintenance.

Also the first home buyer are finding a renewed confidence of making a purchase of something modern & brand spanking new, rather than the old unit that needs a bit of work. Plus the added bonus of “1st Home Buyers Grant” along with incentives to get a good start in property.

A large percentage of Perth & WA units in complexes that are dated coming up to 30 years old or more… a warning sign of major maintenance is coming soon. In some large complexes this could be many thousands of dollars required in capital fund raising via the individual owners in the strata group ensuring the facilities are upgraded. In many cases properties built in the 60’s & 70’s are getting beyond repair with values dropping year on year along with costs increasing as the property ages. Rental return drops & ability to sell becomes very complicated & undesirable for the buyer.

The time is now to make a wise decision & invest in New Perth Property.
Free Advice ~ 0413122633 ~ dean@amre.net.au



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If you are interested in any similar property as shown but in another location with a Special Project in WA. Contact us here as a “Buyers Agent & Adviser” to help secure the property you want. “Buy it Better & Get a Real Deal.” Receive advice & recommendations that will assist you in purchasing the perfect investment.  Let us help you find the place of your dreams then assist with negotiating a wise deal. Certified in Management & Buyers Agency, we work with people as a Special Agent Service. This is what the new savvy & smart buyer is doing to make the best deal possible. So if its a new project, something off the plan, an investment property, downsizing, 1st home buyer or whatever your motivation…..we can assist & make a perfect match with your new property. 

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