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West Oz Super Strata


Infinity & Beyond
Time has come to tell anyone who has a vested interest in a strata title to be aware of what is coming 
into the property market of WA. If you like it or not “High Density” living is coming, it’s being promoted as the new way to live in WA for $400k – $800k price point. It will become a big part of Perth property conciouness, as we become more cosmopolitan. It will change the way we choose to live & how we invest in real estate forever. Specifically the inner metro area, CBD city, riverside, western subs & coastal districts.
Everybody has seen the ever increasing activity of multi-strata buildings popping up on nearly every 2nd street you turn down. These are random scattered small multi-residential projects that are two levels in
groups of 8 – 30. However, many locals may not realize several hundred sites have been approved for urban development right now in the Stirling & Cambridge Shires. That’s a lot of new units coming soon.
What does that mean?
Will it affect old unit owners?

City to the Coast
WA City of Perth on both sides of the Swan River are in a historical change with hot spots Elizabeth Quay, 
Burswood, East Perth, Perth Stadium, Belmont. Plans for up to 20,000 units & apartments are selling off the plan or being built right now just in the city. With state of the art designs, central location, city & river views enjoying a cosmopolitan lifestyle. The WA Govt have made massive investments into
infrastructure & town planning. High density living is the center piece of the metro strategy.

Heading west down the corridor to the coast, the super charged western suburbs in the Shires of Vincent, Subiaco, Cambridge & Stirling are in overdrive. These areas are in generational change on a grand scale. Hundreds of small to medium complexes selling brand new strata. Providing thousands of buyers with an amazing selection of living opportunities. This is a game changer that any strata title owner & future buyer needs to consider ASAP!

We are in an era were the future has been planned & the rise of the super suburbs will be the next revolution 
or evolution of our streets. City, river & coastal hot spots. The new property paradigm of higher urban density will continue and demand does not look like slowing. Perth metro area is expected to double in 20 years.
That is a huge amount of new places to call home which seems hard to believe. But with 50,000 people coming here every year from both overseas & nationally, currently there are 24,000 homes being built & 8,300 apartments under construction.

With around 50,000 property transactions annually in WA it’s a good idea to have a personal or family property advisor.
Ask yourself some questions…
So how will this affect me…?
Should I renovate my old unit..?
Should I upgrade to a new unit ?
Has my strata peaked in value.?
Is my strata past 25 years old.?
Are my strata fees excessive.?
Is the facilities modern & maintained?
Will new units make mine look bad.?
Will the new units increase my price?
What is the trending of my suburb.?
What is my depreciation on the unit.?
How can I make the most of all this.?
How do I invest in this opportunity.?

A saturation of strata with more than San Francisco
Elizabeth Quay Perth

This is collage of all the imagery & impressions of what the reality may be at Elizabeth Quay which is pretty impressive. Dubia meets Perth.

Elizabeth Quay’s first restaurants revealed:

Voyage Kitchen, V Burger Bar and The Stables Bar
The operators of The Stables Bar will run a two-storey restaurant and bar at the Eastern Promenade at Elizabeth Quay. The first restaurants set to open at Elizabeth Quay have been revealed — a mixture of casual, classy and cool outlets for tourists and locals..A trio of local businesses have been selected as the preferred operators for three of the five venues around the Quay.
The rebuilt Florence Hummerston Kiosk, on the man-made island, will become a family friendly cafe run by Sorrento’s Voyage Kitchen café.
V Burger Bar, which has outlets in Floreat and Victoria Park, will develop its flagship store next to the BHP Billiton Water Park.
The State Government has committed $440 million to fund construction of the inlet, roads, public domain and creation of development sites.
It is anticipated the project will attract a further $2.2 billion of private sector investment.
The team behind The Stables Bar in the CBD will open a two-storey restaurant and bar at the Eastern Promenade, with tapas and drinks on the rooftop and seafood dining on the first floor. A two-storey tenancy located above the ground floor V Burger Bar has yet to be let. As reported by The Sunday Times at weekend, WA foodies could be in for a surprise with negotiations continuing with a celebrity chef.
The Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority is also searching for an operator of a $1.8 million Argyle diamond-shaped ice cream kiosk. Construction of the venues is well advanced ahead of the opening of the Quay’s public realm in mid-November.

“The variety of operators will ensure there is something for everyone, appealing to workers and touristsmwhile also providing casual and takeaway food options for families,” Planning Minister John Day said.

“There will be opportunities for parents to grab a takeaway coffee or lunch while their children enjoy the play facilities, for corporate travellers and city workers to enjoy a midweek lunch or dinner with clients, and for families and friends to socialise on the weekend.”

More restaurants and bars are planned as part of the waterfront development  at the Ritz Carlton hotel.

Florence Hummerston Kiosk — Voyage Kitchen
The Iconic Florence Hummerston Kiosk will be transformed into an inviting urban sanctuary with family friendly cafe service throughout the day and well into the evening. Focusing on the “producer to people’’ ethos, the menu for Voyage Kitchen EQ will celebrate local produce and reflect the unique climate and lifestyle of Western Australia. Fresh salads, cold pressed juices, woodfired pizzas and decadent cakes will all be on offer. Ingredients will be primarily locally sourced, free range, and flexible for guests with special dietary requirements. Visitors to Voyage Kitchen EQ will be able to enjoy early morning coffees, a lunch break with colleagues or evening dining and cocktails with friends.

North West Kiosk — V Burger Bar
Proudly West Australian V Burger Bar will be bringing their range of gourmet burgers to Elizabeth Quay. V Burgers are made from the finest ingredients and will deliver an affordable option for visitors to the Quay. V Burger Bar have a flair for interesting yet delicious flavour combinations which have earned them a legion of V Lovers, a dedicated fan base from their Victoria Park and Floreat stores. Vegetarians and meat lovers alike will delight in the tasty range on offer, which can be enjoyed on a quick break away from the office or a leisurely weekend lunch.

Eastern Promenade — The Stables
Hosting spectacular waterside views the two storey Eastern Promenade venue will offer a sophisticated yet 
relaxed gastronomic experience for guests. Dining options are endless with the venue open for breakfast,
lunch, dinner and late night drinks. Rooftop diners will be able to enjoy bespoke cocktails and dishes designed to share, creating a lively and welcoming atmosphere.
Building on the success and experience of The Stables the kitchen team will create innovative and seasonal fare to attract local and international clientele. The first floor restaurant will serve a tantalising menu based on the very best Western Australian produce specialising in premium local seafood. Source: Metropolitan Redevelopment Authority

More info coming ….watch this space

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