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All Offers Considered

:: All Offers Considered :: 

It’s that time of the year when decisions are made on the big move from where we are now to where we want to be. After the holiday season & some good family time, possibly a change is in the wind for the new year.?

It may not be immediately but are you the 1 in 100 this year seriously looking to move, invest, upsize, downsize, subdivide or capitalize…?

Many “Experts” are predicting market conditions for Selling & Buying in WA for 2015. Most of these editorials, features are simply commentary or overviews for input to media for that particular week. Readers are fed like chickens fresh pellets of propaganda because everyone is affected by private property as an owner, investor, tenant or dependent. The papers & media have to fill the space with something and a lot of this is information is generic.

:: The Irony is…

Each suburb & area has its own reality of realty. A micro market if you like of what is really happening in that spot on the map.

Whilst the south of the river is slow moving, auctions being passed in weekly in residential, along with very quite home opens. The opposite is true in the northern corridor with buyers lining up & furious bidding at auction, multiple offers on 1st home opens. Whilst its a buyers market in one suburb its a sellers market in another.

:: The New Property Paradigm

Multi-media means “The Way” or “The Method” used to sell & buy has changed.
The need for an “Advanced Agent & Advisor” who can identify the most effective action to
maximize results & outcomes. One size fits all is last century stuff & old school.
It’s all about Dynamic Direct Marketing & Management.

:: Predictions are pretty simple

2015 should be a genuine buyer & sellers market with properties that are fairly priced
acknowledged by interested buyers. Overpriced properties will be exposed to need price
reductions as buyers become more informed by multi-media.

:: Selling

The better agents that are experienced & keeping the property full potential in focus.
Along with professional presentation, creative marketing & superior knowledge should be
used to the advantage of the seller.
With well planned & strategic negotiations away from the sub-standard blah blah.
Agents can create their own economy & micro market with great success providing factual
authentic information that is not too generic or dated statistics. Professional will provide
the latest & greatest hits, records, clangers, bangers in real deal as updates for customers.
Specific to the immediate area right down to that week which is not available on the usual websites.
Being well prepared, planned, publicized, promoted & providing intelligent insight
& foresight is the answer. With world class service it will provide outstanding outcomes for the sellers.
A total Pro-Agent will deliver all the above & more. Seek & you shall find.

:: Buying

The buyers who have done there homework or engage a Buyers Agent will  go along way to a
guaranteed good buy in 2015. Buyers Be-Aware & be well advised. Who is protecting you on your side
of the deal. A smart & savvy buyer gets pro-advice.

:: Investors

If you have had a property in the investment folio since or prior to 2005 …
then this is the year. BIG ROI – Return On Investment to SELL WELL this YEAR!

Reach your full potential ~ VIP Property Program.

Dean Mitchell :: 0413122633 ::
Who is Dean …http://deanmitchell.com.au/?p=1


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