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Real Deal WA



Exclusive to Mitchell & Co we proudly present The Real Deal.

Real Estate services delivered on demand…
Real Deal Reports & Service Guaranteed..
Buyer Beware & Seller be Savvy..

Land Owner, Seller, Buyer, Investor, Builder, Renovator, Developer….
Whatever the proposed plan of action, we can provide The Real Deal on all you need in property.


Our policies are;

“Best Fee Guarantee + Highest Price Possible Promise”

“Buyer be Aware & Buy Better”

“Opportunity, Potential, Management & Return On Investment

“Local knowledge & Street Smart”

We are committed to prov iding the best value services for the benefit of our customers. Strong processes and high standards of service requirements underpin our commitment to deliver real value. Real estate on demand is herewith with a broker that is ready to provide the Real Deal on property in Perth.

This evaluation will be followed through with selling, buying, investing, building services that are world standard. “Acting Locally & Thinking Globally” is our motto to get outstanding results on any property needs. Our national & international affiliate network provides resources, support & extra-ordinary exposure.

The Report & Real Estate On Demand Service with info, statistics, analytics, news, recommendations, trending, ideas & heaps of great info that is priceless. Your own private property broker in support that can be one of the most valuable things when dealing in property matters. Plus a price & service guarantee that is extra-ordinary.


“Real solutions with real outcomes”
“An international level report, evaluation & program”
“A must have for any savvy property owner or investor”

“Discover secrets that answer real questions in real estate”

:: REAL Initiative
The Real Deal Report is the ultimate overview & assessment of where, what, when, why & the how to’s in WA real estate. A customised service for a realistic, factual, objective & world class property report. This is available on any private property which will identify the potential along with things to avoid & take into consideration when selling, buying, investing or building. It will be your Property Play Book to assist in all you need with planning, strategy, actions & expectations.

With global exposure of local real estate made possible by the online platforms, portals & digital publications. Property promotions are evolving every week with exposure state-wide, nationally & internationally with West Australia highly ranked. WA is now on the world stage or should we say playing a part in the festival of real estate. WA is not a headline attraction but is in the event &  on show for its far share of fans.
So this requires a new level of awareness, communications, quantity surveying, due diligence & negotiations. Given we have become a global community & connected more so now than ever before, the world events along with cultural differences does alter or change the type of buyer & investor. This means a deeper understanding is needed for what is happening now & the future.  Management of property reporting & representation is now on a whole new ball game.

:: OLD School
With thousands of agents operating in WA providing “Free Market Appraisals” every day…
It has become a cookie cutter machine or template one size fits method that could be missing the mark for property owners. In the new economy pricing a property has become very challenging. WA appraisal’s have become generalized & more of an agency promotion rather than a focus of the property in profile. In many case studies it is only a guide within 20% of the market value.
So that’s a 20% variation in prices – which is $200k per million.
So that is why you should Get The Real Deal Report.

:: THE TIME has Come ..
The Real Deal Report provides a COMPREHENSIVE REPORT & PROGRAM. It is targeted with several key point indicators which affect “the property patch”.

In 2008 when everything hit the fan with the GFC & again in 2016 it has exposed real estate as a vulnerable market place that can take a down turn & prices will decrease considerably in a cycle that is now not as predictable as it was for decades of positive consistent growth. This is a challenge met with every local agent in the ability to provide current value & future potential in property. Getting the price & plan right is so important on many levels such as;

Choose most effective Method of Sale
Less time & costs on market
Maximum buyer interest & attraction
Seller expectation & satisfaction
Agent Strategy & System of Sale efficiency

After 10 years in the making & ongoing development from real life case studies…
The Real Deal Report & Program is available for any type of property profile.
Full of Priceless Info that is Pure Gold.
 everything you need to know about Selling, Buying, Investing with 
Good  Advice & Solutions, Custom Made to Your Property, Your Suburb, Your Future.

Real Estate is one of the largest individual deals the average person will be involved with in a lifetime.
It is all about you & your property, current data, real market values, property potential ID, personal master plan, tried & tested ideas, concepts to add value, increase attributes & secrets behind
how to “Sell Well – Buy Better”.
It’s time to analyze, calculate, plan, strategize & act on the dream.
Achieve the lifestyle you have always wanted.



:  Key steps to selling a property…. You Must Do’s to succeed
:  Gr8 Eight Methods of selling….rarely explained or explored
:  60 Point Check List to Process a Sale…..Miss some & it will cost you !
:  Best Practice Check List…..Quality Assurance
:  Must Do’s of Multi Media….Engagement or Disassociated
:  Potential of the Property Exposed…..Art of Perception
:  Prestige Property…….How to get it Dull to Deluxe
:  Investor Alert…..$1000’s per year loss or gain in taxes
:  Big Agent versus Boutique…..Be surprised
:  What to AVOID in Selling & Buying…..protecting your downside


Discover there are many sayings & assumptions that are oldies but goodies in the art of dealing with real estate. Learn what the pro’s know that help them win in the property game.

What is FACT & what is BLAH, BLAH!?

Since 1875 with introduction of the Australian Torren Title System which revolutionised the recording & transacting process of property ownership. It has fundamentally remained the same but evolved into one of the leading processes in the world today. However, many interpretations & some interesting embellished ideas have become folklore or urban legend which can confuse the consumer experience when dealing in property.
BE AWARE & find out what is REAL.


Any of the info provided is FACT not FICTION
The Real Deal is strictly focused on Real Info & Authentic advice.
No trying to sell something or anything, it is all real content that is fundamentally correct.
There are only a handful of service providers working on the cold face of property sales & purchasing in Perth WA that tell it as it is. Legal  companies for settlement advice or contract management but that all after the fact.
No BS Allowed !!

Strictly Confidential for Private Property.

Dial Dean 0413122633 ~ mres@iinet.net.au



:  New Analytics, Statistics, Trending
:  Current up to data on sales due to settle
:  Property Condition Inspection
:  Seller Disclosures
:  Presentation ~ Cosmetic Makeover
:  Renovation & Restoration
:  Overcapitalization
:  Selling “AS IS”
:  True Lifestyle Costs
:  Attributes & Appreciation

:  Security Scoping
:  FSBO – For Sale By Owner

:  Home Buyers Grants
:  Transaction & Transition Costs

:  Investment Opportunities
:  Fees & Costs, Marketing, Legal, Taxes
:  Property Certifications
plus more on strata, land or building…



 Feasibility Study & Due Diligence
 Subdivide to re-sell ~ Trial Survey
 Strata Survey ~ R Codes ~ Zoning
 Urbanization ~ Restrictions & Regulations
 Shire Development Zones & Policies
:  Renovation or Demolition 
:  Sell & Stay ~ Sell part parcel of Land
:  Builders Terms ~ Land Super Invest
:  Amalgamation & Neighbor Co-op
:  Build new on back yard
:  Land Banking & Invest
:  Property Asset Analysis
:  Syndication & Group Funding
:  Joint Venture & Partnerships
:  Land & House off the plan
:  Land & Villa’s off the plan
:  Off the Plan Units o& Strata
:  Land Lots & Multiple Plots
:  Boarder & Fencing
:  Site Works & Retaining
:  Head works & Servicing
:  Capital Gains Tax ~ Stamp Duty


  Management Analysis
  Property Asset Management
  Appreciation & Depreciation
  Tax Implications & Updated Options
:   Superannuation ~ Grants

:  Quantity Survey ~ Valuation
:  Negative Gearing ~ Capitalization
:  Future ROI ~ Sell with Lease
:  Acquisition or Release
:  Reduced Costs, Fees, Discounts

All these different options are varied so only a Master Senior Agent could provide such a report. These items are definitely not covered in the basic stock standard appraisal format.

~ Dial Dean : 0413122633 : mres@iinet.net.au


Some deals in property do go pear shaped before, during & in particular after the sale. The excitement of purchase is over, the Offer has been accepted, finance has been sorted, then comes the building inspection or building process, all the running around, planning, moving in & settlement.

With a Check List on What to Avoid,  using case studies available on all types of property transactions & potential issues we help AVOID the WTF moments.


This program is worth
a lot of money to a prospective seller & property investor.
It also comes with consultancy advice, “One to One” follow up service with an ongoing mentoring Your own personal property ADVISOR & COACH.
[Available to Qualified Clients]




DIAL DEAN 0413122633 ~ mres@iinet.net.au

“Helping people reach their full potential in property”
“Achieving Extra-Ordinary Outcomes”

Agent – Advisor – Advocate – Auctions – Anything – Anytime

Sourcing the latest industry data & statistics from National service providers.

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