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Planet Perth


Greatest Place on Earth is Perth

Perth WA in the world party & the place is a hot spot.

Perth is one of the most isolated cities & places in the world.

It is like an island or planet on earth with thousands of miles of land
& ocean surrounding this special place situated on the west coast of Australia.

Listed as one of the top 10 paces to live on the planet for a range of reasons. A world class lifestyle as good as you will get anywhere on this big rock called earth.

Living with a clean & fresh lifestyle that is unique. Everything you will ever need in a place that is just over 200 years old with one of the most recent colonised communities in the modern world.

West Australia is of world historical significance with the original land owners the Noongar tribe being one of the longest continuous cultures to exist on earth dating back over 40,000 years. Recent discoveries indicate indiginous existence before the ice age in the desert of WA. 

With natural wonders & an equalled environment purity that is perfectly balanced for a good life. Mainly coastal communities exist with residential settlements dating back to early 1900’s. An expansive suburban sprawl that is the largest of any country in the modern world. Plus a mix of residential & commercial interests extending far from the metropolitan area, into a vast country & outback space that is unparalleled in any continent. An adaptation to many environmental challenges has become a way of life for nearly 2 million West Aussies.

A history forged on exploration of the 17th century with 1801 the beginning of colonisation & 100 years later  federation.
The wild west of Australia was one of the last frontiers of the land down under. So it is an awesome story about a southern great land.

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A Gifted Life

Today 200 years later we enjoy clean air, fresh food, pristine water, limited population, modern facilities, advanced community services, new transport systems & infrastructure, suburban sprawl, metropolitan, country & outback.
No guns, superior level of safety, family friendly, higher education, leading medical services,  climate, incredible Mediterranean, beautiful beaches, plus lots of open space.

It is a privilege to live & work in such an extra-ordinary place as wonderful as West Australia.

So if you want a slice of paradise here in Planet Perth…

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