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Everything Old is Now New….

The era of 24/7 media montage of the never ending programs showing options on upgrading our lifestyle & living standards by renovation, flip, flops, blocks & back yards.

Australia & Perth is going through a once in a generation change.

The end of an era is happening across the suburbs of our country & specifically here in Perth Western Australia.

The original  suburban settlements & communities created in the 50’s, 60’s & 70’s are now coming to a natural end.

The houses that are sitting on site are in some case are still occupied by the original or second owner. In many cases family owned or sold on as investments awaiting for the right time to sell, redevelop or renovate.

The burning question to the owner occupier for  is “Should I STAY or should I GO Now” like the Clashes hit song.

The investor waiting for the right time or way to reach the properties full potential is a “Catch 22” situation. Spend money on the property & just get the money back without a profit. The house is too good to knock over in the minds of the owner.

Should I RENOVATE & what is the best cost effective way to do it…?


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ROI – Return On Investment

The average renovation is around $25k – $50k for apartments or villas  with homes $100k – $250k

So this type of expenditures need to have a well planned strategy for investment versus outcome with a strong analysis on what will be the value added to the property.

The big question to answer prior to proceeding “Is it Worth Doing”

As owners of properties it is very hard to evaluate the dream, to accept the possibility that once emotions come into property investment the potential to over capitalize & lose a sense of reality is probability.

A 3rd party providing at least a PCR – Property Condition Report for Renovation along with Building Inspection would be mandatory.

The exciting thing is that a Reno – “Done Well” will be a WOW Factor that can create a purchase motivation to over spend & be caught up in the uniqueness of the finishes that really sell themselves.

Record Results & High Sales outcomes come from really good renovations.

Lets face it its comparing to the car market its the “Hot Rod”……”Hot Property”

Many home owners in Perth Western Australia are getting caught out or caught up in extraordinary situations with property renovations DIY & commercial service providers. Costs blowing out & a Money Pit Property syndrome.

Sometimes we “Dont know what we dont know”.

There are alot of “Myths” that can be very misleading which cost Seller or Buyers time, effort & money.


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