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Really live the dream in real estate.
It is the Realm where designer homes are constructed for owners that are truly spectacular. The top end of the market with modern day private castles & manors which provide an accommodation for a lifestyle that is a blue chip place of residence. The individuals that invest in such property have achieved a level of wealth that would allow them to buy the house of their desires. Acquiring comfort & luxury living that is something all of us aspire to in our homes but this is on a grand scale.

Western Australia has World Class homes positioned along the coast, around the river, hill top views, overlooking lakes & parklands. The West have a level of residential building & construction that matches anything available on the planet.

To buy an established home is one way to own or acquire prestige, the other is to build something special. To go through  that process is very exciting indeed, but a huge job & undertaking.  Todays savvy property people are using a Buying Agent, Building Broker, Project Manager which is a very smart way to protect the Prestige & Luxury Home owners investment.

Showcase family homes provide brilliant lifestyles in destinations that have all the attributes to satisfy any taste of any expense. However to achieve this is a timely, cost effective & efficient manner with no surprises it is a wise investment to use a third party for the project management.


Finding a Sweet Spot which is quite, tranquil, near park lands, lake, overlooking the ocean with sea views, on the waters edge or elevated with city by day & night lights by night. Or maybe a touch of nature on the doorstep with XL land size for space around the property. It all sound & looks good but it will take a very good negotiation process to secure what one wants for the amount budget. Plus a huge amount of planning, sequence of work, co-ordination of construction, time frame & patience before you get the key to walk in the door to enjoy.


No matter where the property is positioned in usually a property sweet spot somewhere in the ‘Super Suburbs” or outer metro. Prestige & Luxury Homes can be purchased with assistance by a professional 3rd party  providing land & house negotiations to achieve a well measured transaction. This can represent  over $100,000 in savings whether it be an existing property or new build. Which in anybodies world this is alot of money & means that the buyer or the seller should be well advise to seek good pro representation in the process.

Once the green light goes off in the head of most buyers it is hard to control the emotions or pull of buying gravity. It is a natural human response to seeing something which interests, fascinates, turns us on & presses our buttons which ticks all the boxes. But the percentage of error or variation is the same for property dealings. It is just the smart purchasers are maximizing savings in strong strategic negotiations,  minimizing the risk & protecting the possible downside of delivery.

This “bullish buyer” is a phenomena of the property business but means some of the worst & best deals are done with the most expensive premium, prestige & luxury market.

Living in a family home & being the “King & Queen of Your Patch” or just “Liberating Your Lifestyle” is a wonderful thing to be able to do. But BUYER BEWARE of the EVERYTHING.


Finding the special spot by researching, scoping, analysing, then negotiating the purchase is a time consuming exercise. Some buyers & sellers looking elsewhere can be years into the process especially if any procrastination or doubt has crept into the action plan.

When building a prestige property & making a wise choice on land for site works, selection of builder to construct something magnificent & sensational in accommodation. Being confident of timeframe, specifications, progress to your satisfaction is sometimes a stressful situation. To be a home owner with a 5 star life that is one class & quality comes at a cost in cash but also in complications.

Seek a 3rd party for consultation that will keep the buyer & builder in check of the project.
Its all about management & good advice.

Live Big, Proud, Prestigious & Prosper in a property hot spot.


We can assist you the Home Buyer & New Owner every step of the way…

:: Buyers Agent in land acquisition & negotiation
:: Advise on the block potential & due diligence
:: Selection of builder & expenditure quality assurance
:: Builder selection & contract management
:: Construction communications & updates
:: Contractual overview & due process
:: Be the 3rd party representing you the buyer every step of the way
:: Second opinion & buyer back up

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