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West Australia

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Hello !!!

THANK YOU for finding me in amongst the thousands of agents in & around Planet Perth + the Wide Open Space of West Australia.

Be sure to know we are Real Property People ::~

All the P’s …Promoting, Pricing, Presenting, Planning….Places in Perth
along with the wider state of Western Australia.

EVERYthing & ANYthing you want to know about Perth & Western Australian property can be discovered here with YOUR LOCAL AGENT.


Simply call DIRECT & ON DEMAND

DIAL DEAN :: 0413122633


:: LOCAL Q & A in WA ::

You ask the Questions & we will answer….

Ask any Question & Confidential answers will be provided.

WA has different laws & processes for property than other parts of Australia.
Different procedures that the rest of the world in private property transactions.

Many new residents to Perth Western Australia are getting caught out or caught up in extraordinary situations with property purchases. Sometimes we “Dont know what we dont know”.

Also local sellers of homes or land are experiencing issues unaware of recent legalities & laws.

There are alot of “Myths” that can be very misleading which cost Seller or Buyers time, effort & money.

Buyers Beware & Sellers be Savvy

:: IMPORTANT Questions to Ask …

Are house prices going to increase or fall.?
Is there an oversupply of apartments.?
What should I do when selling an established home.?
Is there agents underselling in this market.?
How does VPA – Vendors Paid Advertising work.?
What should investors do with old property.?
How do I calculate Depreciation on my investment..?

Should I get involved with a Joint Venture.?
What will my property be worth this time next year.?
Should I renovate a 50 year old home.?
What is a Property Condition Report.?
What is Landlord Insurance.?
What is Title insurance.?
When will the real estate cycle turn.?
Best areas to buy in the metro area.?
What are the pitfalls of DIY Selling.?
What benefit is a Buyers Agent.?
Should I Auction in a soft market.?
What do I do if a tenant does expensive damage to property.?
What could go wrong with Off The Plan purchase.?
Is the first offer really the best offer.?
What does “Let the market decide the price of property” mean..?
What is an Open & Transparent sale..?
What is Expressions of Interest..?
How do I list a Home for Sale & not get locked in for too long..?
What security do I have if open houses let anyone in my home..?
What should I do to my house to sell for the most money.?
What is the best thing to do in property as a 1st home buyer.?
If we downsize how to we move once..?
How do we invest in a property for maximum return..?
What does a Buyers Agent do…?
Why should I use a building broker.?

:: Get Answers & Get the Real Deal..!!

:: DIAL DEAN :: 0413122633 or TEXT

Available 7 Days a week On Demand




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