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The New New is to Buy a Block & Build.

There are so many debatable options in purchasing property especially the idea to Build New versus an Existing Home for  renovation or makeover. [includes villas, townhouses, apartments]

But one clear outstanding plan is to find a block of land & build.

Over 50% of home buyers do not like the idea of building a home from scratch & most of the other half just dream about it. Getting a block where you want, in a selected suburb, all the attributes ticking the boxes of your lifestyle.
You Home Your Way absolutely brand spanking new.
Why would you not go for it..?

In most cases we should ask ourselves what is the difference between an existing home & a new home.

A rule of thumb is any dwelling over 35 years old there should be a WARNING LIGHT FLASHING.


Is it healthy or safe place to live…?
Elevations of lot, steps, retaining & potential for a fall..?
Gardens & yard habitat to dangerous insects…
Age of floor covering & what is below…?
Would I let a baby crawl around on this floor…?
Roof cavity cleanliness & potential for dust, insects, rodents, mould
Would I be confident the air I breathe for 8 hours each night dust free..?
Any roof fan/exhuast not directly into roof cavity
Roof titles not fretting or showing signs degradation
Roof wood structure showing mould & deterioration
Insulation batts covered not exposed, not burnt or crusted
Double brick, single brick or stud walls
Plumbing age of pipes for clean drinking water
Sewer connection clay or PVC for future issues
Soil condition & possibility of contamination
Potential for limestone in site if wanting a pool
External extensions, additions to property approved by council
Internal alterations to home structure engineer approved
Fencing clear of asbestos & in good condition
Eves & home build clear of asbestos
Trees on site root systems not effecting fences or house services underground
No connecting roof or common walls
No common area of land title or building structure issues
Title is clear of encumbrances
Electrical services for street mains not present front of lot
Mains electrical box not near bedrooms or living areas
Electrical wiring of house health & potential issues
Cement mortar consistency & type used in brick work
Bricks age & condition with signs of spalling , flaking, deterioration

Plus a long list of many more common issues with old homes….

We must remember the past builders 30 – 50 years ago were in a different time pioneering the suburbs…

::~ Unregulated working conditions
::~ Low quality building products
::~ Experimental & developmental supplier products
::~ Unsealed clay tiles in roofs
::~ Manually kilned bricks
::~ Manually mixed cement wheel barrow by barrow
::~ Limestone & wood based houses where not spayed or treated
::~ Clay pipe plumbing
::~ Septics & soil contamination
::~ Copper electrical wiring
::~ Asbestos & hazardous materials
::~ Exposed insulation
::~ Building on contaminated sites
::~ Building over water tables now sinking
::~ Building too close to natural hazards [snakes, insects]
::~ Services to site in need of repair

These are not apart of a Building Inspectors Report unless Structural.

this a MUST HAVE to be done on a house for quality assurance by a Pro Agent.
The REAL DEAL REPORT is the absolute answer & has helped so many buyers with property purchasing decisions. Making a well informed & calculated decision can make a huge difference in property purchasing.

:: BOOK A REPORT :: 0413122633

This may all sound over the top to some people…
But lets imagine for a moment someone gives us the responsibility of $600k to buy something on there behalf. However, there is a catch – if anything went wrong with this purchase in the next 5 years or was deemed to be an unhealthy home to live or something did happen relating to the house & its condition upon purchase….as the buyer representative you would be held accountable if deemed an oversight. Would you look at the purchase of the property in a different light…?

After all it is the objective to get the BEST BUY & SELL WELL in the business of property.

Why not Build..? 

Well the biggest hurdle is How to…What to do….Where & When.
all the planning, brainstorming, choices & selection of build design, time, inconvenience, potential for something to go wrong, trust in the builders to do the best work. The list can go on if on is in a negative mind set of the process.

However, for the person(s) who want to build there own personal home the way they want it….
The approach & mental attitude is positive with an exciting life event in the making.

If one is negative or positive there is a need for a 3rd party, consultation & project management so there are no surprises. Every part of the BUYING & BUILDING process should be double checked with a Pro.

An investment with a BUYING AGENT > BUILDING BROKER > PROJECT MANAGER will be the GUARANTEE you have been looking for to make the decision to BUY A BLOCK & BUILD so easy.

This is a SPECIAL SERVICE that has been a life changer for so many customers.

This is the opportunity of a lifetime ….HERE & NOW

It is the best way to buy property & proven to be on average the most profitable outcome for any investor or owner in the property game.

Join the Next Generation Building New & Better Homes

Buy a Block & Build !!

BE WISE …BOOK the services of an ADVISOR.

DIAL DEAN :: 0413122633

A complete service from Concept to Construction to Completion
::~ Turn Key New Home to move in & enjoy!

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