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Who do you call….?
Dial a friend…?
Ask a family member…?

If you leave decisions to your own thoughts or family & friends…
Sometimes its good, but mostly its bad ….

Making big decisions based on second hand information that is not from an industry professional is not the way forward.

Old sayings ring true….
“You dont know what you dont know”
“Success in most things is in direct proportion to your research & consultation”
“No matter how good your strategy may be, if you are doing it solo you will probably lose when playing against a trained team”
“Seek a specialist not a generalist”

This plays out in property is with whoever has the best advice & support.

One of the most expensive decisions a person will make in a life time is buying & investing in property.

As a property owner you must remember not all agents are the same or know what you may need to know.  Depending on experience, expertise, maturity, past dealings agents can vary in competence dramatically.

A buyer eventually becomes a seller & this is the flip side of the property coin situation. This means a property broker can become a long term contact during the buyer, investor, seller cycle. This calls for some serious third party advice at the highest possible level if you are smart.

Whether its Buying, Selling, Investing, Building, Developing, Renovation, Downsizing…..
Whatever anyone is doing in property you will be dealing with hundreds of thousands of dollars or in many cases a million dollars or more.

Given the medium price property in WA is around $500k
Every 1% off the mark will be a $5k – $10k difference either way.

I many cases a 5% – 10% variation is experience with a coach, mentor, advocate at your side.
That calculates to be alot of money….loss or gained.

Not to mention we are in an era of Property Policing…
Shire regulations & compliance, R Code restrictions, Industry specifications, National & International contract laws & policies, taxation & fees. Plus buyer special conditions on both ageing properties or new with building certifications & reports. This is an absolute mine field for any individual who does not deal in property transactions on a regular basis.

In fact pro-agents are weekly sorting through issues for property issues with special conditions of sale, title specifications, final inspections, building reports, pest & timber, plumbing, electrical, fixtures, fittings, property item requirements to settle between the parties.

It can be a complex, confusing & very stressful situation when things don’t go to expectation.

So Get a Coach, a personal property trainer/adviser….your go to guy.!


:: Become an A Class Buyer

What is an Advocate ..?

An Advocate is an Advisor who is legally sound as a judge of what, where, when, how to do property investments. Along with being analytical & having good business/commercial sense within the laws.

Dean Mitchell introduces this world class service which is a growing need as an “Advocate & Advisor” special service to clients as a protection of their interest in what can be one of the biggest games they will play in a lifetime.

It is the same for Sellers & Buyers, real estate is a life changing experience with major league monetary transactions. It really assistance with someone who can bring the best experience & expertise to the table. In this current economic times properties can experience fluctuations due to global financial cycles & future appreciation is not easy to read for forward estimates. Plus local changes in government policies, budget cuts along with shire changes to land policies. All this relates directly back to land & housing affordability, costs of ownership, security of future values. All this being said the evolution of the agent with end up being a revolutionary change for sellers & buyers towards very experienced agents. A professional process of helping vendors/sellers or buyers/investors with their process in property dealing. More of a mentor/coach/super agent that is there for the clients big picture & not just a snap shot.

Just like every one needs a doctor, lawyer, accountant or professional service in their life so should real estate fall into this category. However with so many people trying out the profession & an 80% failure rate most sellers or buyers have bumped into some ordinary agents with poor outcomes. Along with some pretty bad experiences that have painted a bad picture the real estate agent. Amazingly this part of ones life is so important it can be a massive step forward towards financial freedom with the right decision or a big backward jolt with stress & struggle.

The real estate industry over the last several years has raised the bar of professionalism standard with introduced over the last few year a Certified Personal Development model or CPD so agents can do both a mandatory 10 point system being 3 points for REIWA basic updates 1/2 day course & 7 points for advanced training usually a day conference or seminar/workshops. This has helped educate after the certificate a lot of agents to improve knowledge in the many changes in the game real estate.

Consider the variety of business within real estate;
~ Residential
~ Strata – Single Level Survey, Multi Story
~ Urban Developments – Subdivisions
~ Investment – Units, Land Bank, Homes
~ Tax & Stamp Duties
~ Settlements
~ Property Management – Leasing
~ Building – New Homes
~ Renovation – Potential Properties
~ Site & Head works
~ Off the Plan – Apartments, Aillas, Townhouse, Prestige
~ Multi-Unit Developments
~ Titles – Land Releases, Strata, Green, Common
~ Mortgages & Finance~ Commercial – Sales & Leasing
~ Insurances – Building, Contents, Endemnities
~ Pest Inspections
~ Building Inspections
~ Maintenance Services
~ RCD, Smoke Alarms, Handover

~ Presentation & Staging Hire –
~ Auctioneering – Campaign
~ Signage & Point of Sale – Sign boards & Billboards
~ Press – Advertising & Publicity
~ Online – Ads, Features, Tags,Alerts
~ Reiwa, Realestate.com, Domain, Realestateview, Homely & more

~ Photography – Property & area features, Airials
~ Video Features – YouTube, E-mail
~ Graphics – Site Plans, Floor Plans
~ Surveying & Planning
~ Landgate – Policies & Titles
~ Real Estate Institute WA – Regulations
~ Shire ~ Policies & Requirements

A lot of the list above is required on most sales prior to the most important part of property dealing is writing up the Offer & Acceptance.
Which needs knowledge of Property Law & Contract Law for correct completion of any paperwork committing the buyer by law to the purchase of the property.

Disclosures, Special Conditions, Annexures, Form 29 & 28, Titles, Encumbrances, Caveats, R Codes, Zoning, Native Title, Swan River Trust, Traffic Infringement, Contamination Clearance, Soil Report, Mining Claims, Water/Sewer access.

Plus there is more to consider…Council Land Cross Overs, Curb Parking, Street Trees, Lights & Mains access, Underground Power, Telcom, Rear Alley Bitumen.

So their is a lot to know & no way a new agent coming into the industry with out any prior experience could possibly have answers to a lot of these. Therefore with the growth or appreciation of property to over $500k average & most of the central coast a median price exceeding $1M it has become imperative that the experienced agent handles deals at a level that far exceeds anything that was done up to only 10 years ago.

The generation of a past decade has now evolved with the need for the “ADVOCATE/ADVISOR”.

A impartial judge of the best way to move forward, plan, present, proceed & process a property sale or purchase. A slower but business way of doing things with a MILLION DOLLAR METHOD.

Not only has property become such an expensive part of every ones life but the idea of having someone represent the sale anybody with a License or a real well informed, studied & professionally researched.


Vendor advocates manage the sale of your property from beginning to end & take the hard work out of selling your home by:

[1] Matching your property with the most appropriate real estate representation & presentation, so you achieve the best price

[2] Organizing appraisals in a “Bank Valuer to the Dream Price” or “Asking Price & Sale Price” format for the REAL DEAL not exaggerated prices to impress seller just to get the listing.

[3] Explaining fees, taxes, costs and logistics along with negotiating best price for service quality you can get.

[4] Develop the most effective marketing campaign both direct & multi-media to the general public for the absolute best response for potential record outcome

[5] Ensuring agent communications are via a pre-determined reporting system – ensuring timely, quality information.

[6] Disseminating market feedback – helping you set your reserve price and fine tune the
final strategy.

[7] Helping you to assess offers and negotiate terms and conditions

[8] Managing every step of your sale

Selecting the best way, so you achieve the best price with a timely outcome.

It’s imperative that you select the right agent, within the right agency, to sell your property. Real estate agents have different areas of specialty, different databases and different types of marketing and negotiation skills. A Vendor Advocates/Advisor will help you identify and select the best way to manage the sale of your property. This process involves interview, strategy, planning, reviewing & reports using our rating system and discussing the potential offers & estimates. Once you have made a decision we will market your property and manage the performance on your behalf.

Vendor advocates work to create an integrated marketing plan – covering both offline and online advertising – to achieve the best possible exposure for your property. Once the property starts receiving offers we’ll be there to discuss and advise on your next move. At auction we will treat this as a special event & manage both entire process, including helping you to set the reserve and supervising the auction on auction day along.

How will a vendor advocate help you?

Your vendor advocate will provide you with a range of options for selling your home – Auction, Tender, Expression of Interest, Set Date Sale, Private Treaty, Discreet – and make sure you have all the information needed to decide on the most suitable method for you.

We provide research on sales statistics and trends, recent property sales, and comparative information about properties similar to yours in the local area, presenting a realistic market appraisal so you can make accurate, informed decisions.

Presenting your property to potential buyers at its most engaging will help ensure a quick sale. Sometimes it’s the little details that give your property the edge. Your vendor advocate will conduct a thorough inspection of your home and discuss presentation methods to maximise your sale price. We can help you organise everything from home and garden maintenance, to creating a pleasant ambience.

Expert advice at no additional cost..

Best of all, vendor advocate service is cost neutral. The fee is included in the standard selling fee. Seller’s Advocates know how to sell a property.

Find out more about how we can help you save time and stress, and get the best price for your property as an A Grade Advocate Advisor.


DEAN MITCHELL :: 0413122633 :: mres@iinet.net.au

Written & Posted for deanmitchell.com.au




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